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There are times when you really feel the need to have some pickup lines all set ready to be used. You might end up searching various sites to get the pickup line of choice that is not cheesy and can be pulled at the right situation. Not every pick up is made for a sexual way and it can be really impressive for everybody the old ones, young ones, women, men etc.

You have reached the right spot where you will be able to find the best Pick up lines. Starting with the clever pick up lines that remains really helpful in bringing the touch of humour and keeping it light within your relationship. They can be really diverse at the same time.

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Nobody is going to like you for coming and calling her beautiful or that you feel that everything seems black when you are around her. Come ‘on this is something quite old and you definitely don’t want to use the same trick to ruin it for you. This is to avoid in any case. Just select from the list of best pick lines and let the magic find you, one can really go with the clever pick up line option and it is believed that many of the women are in love with this type of pick up line. According to research women like those men who are much more into making it humorous conversation instead of talking about beauty and stuff. Another reason why you should really be picking some clever pick up lines to do your work as it brings talking, knowing the other half and noticing small habits.

find the best Pick up lines

  • Hey, do you really like to believe in love at first sight or do you need me to walk by again?
  • When I will be older I will look back to all of my memories especially the crowning ones and I will think of the day my kid is born, the day I got married and all important stuff and especially the day I met you.
  • You have to be a square root of two because I feel irrational around you.
  • My friend was sitting next to me and he said that you are kind of really cute but I don’t really feel so, I got up to you just to tell you, gorgeous is what fits right for you.
  • Hey, do you want to date me? For a yes just smile and for a no backflip, please
  • I know you are really busy today but can you make me into your to-do list?
  • I have many weaknesses and you are my favourite.