Sex & The Mature Woman

Good sex is a good thing, and its pleasure can last forever. But physical changes of 60 can be significant. Baby Boomers should be aware.

Avoid annoying people

Burns, itching, pain – Sexual activity can be stopped or even avoided due to these problems. They can affect not only the pleasure of a 熟女 but also the relationship with her husband or lover. But there are solutions.

As we get older, the vaginal walls become thinner and slightly more delicate. In addition, the natural lubrication associated with the mixture decreases and lasts longer.

These are strategies to restore comfort.


  1. Lubricants

These colorless, odorless and insolent bears complete the juice of the body. They are usually used before or below six. Check out the pharmacy shelves for different choices at low prices.

  1. Ring of the vagina

Flexible ring with 3 “diameter inserted into the vagina, which is similar to that of the membrane. You can not feel when inserted and lasts three months or more. The ring containing estrogen, which is slowly released locally in the vagina, a lot of Gyner is definitely because the estrogen does not pass the whole body as does the pill. This can be very effective in restoring lubrication and strengthening the vagina in the vagina, but not affected by flashing or nocturnal signs. A doctor and a counselor are required.

  1. Cream and vaginal tablets

These are means of introducing low doses of estrogen into the vagina. They work the same way as the vaginal ring. They are also absorbed gradually. But they need to be inserted more often. Sometimes it changes tablet or cream ring or vice versa, it is sometimes useful.

  1. Current creams and patches

Low-energy estrogens are absorbed through the skin using these methods. But they can be uncomfortable. Safety studies are currently incomplete. It is important that other members of the family have no contact with the creams or patches.

  1. The pills

Taking estrogens in this form is not effective in relieving the pain and dryness of the vagina as well as the night sponge and restriction when hot. The doses are now much lower than originally prescribed. The security controversy lasted several years. This has caused a large number of women to stop taking estrogens in the form of a pill. While some 熟女  consider it necessary, many factors need to be evaluated by a physician.