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Human beings live together and are dependent on each other for various reasons. One key reason is emotional connect. We need other human beings in life. It is a necessity and none can exist without keeping acquaintance with others. That can be anyone. Our parents, siblings, friends etc but when we think of the journey of life we understand it is important to have the special one to understand us for the rest of our lives.

The technology giving us a solution

 It is difficult to know where we will find someone whom we can connect to. The society has made our options a little limited by narrowing its mentality. It has always told us that opposite sex are the only people we can look to make a long term relationship of warmth and affection. But not everyone is the same and feeling for the same has nothing abnormal or unusual in it. There are dating apps to connect people all around the world but we wanted to make something special. This is why we made Lollipop. It is a gay app which helps people who like same sex people communicate and share their feelings.

gay videochatapp

How is the app great to use?

Lollipop is in the genre of dating apps but what makes it unique is its exclusivity to gay people. Many are uncomfortable to disclose this side of them in public due to social pressure and often find the general dating apps useless. It is a waste of time and energy to look in a crowd of billions to find someone of your type. It is like finding a needle in the heap of hay. The process can also be not very assuring and embarrassing. Thus we have this app to make sure we can bring gay people together to connect among themselves.

 It is a gay videochatapp as well. You can have secured conversations and video sessions with people on this platform. We keep your account separate from linking to other accounts. Manage your contact lists by adding and blocking people as per your wish.

Get in downloaded

The app is supported in all androids and ios phones. You can download the app and get started. Communicate to people and share your philosophy. Make friends and have fun. We truly encourage the feeling of positivity.